“It canna hurt much worse than it does. Get on wi’ it.” Jamie, Outlander.
“Before something crashed against the back of my skull, and everything went dark.” Claire, Chapter 3.
“For that matter, you look a bit more expensive than the local farmers could afford.” Jack Randall, Ch 3
“Had he been a snake I would have stepped on him.” Claire, Ch 3 Outlander
“This was the normal sound of human conflict, and I turned towards it.” Claire, Ch 2.
“I do not know now whether I went deliberately towards the cleft in the main stone, or whether it was accidental.” Claire, Outlander Chapter 2.

Outlander Read Along, Chapters 1+2.

So, here we go! (Obvious spoilers, up to the point I’ve read. I will not spoil future chapters / books.)

Plot overview of Ch1 and 2: Claire and Frank Randall go to the Highlands for a second honeymoon after their long separation during the war. While there, Frank is doing some family tree research into his ancestor Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall.

Frank confronts Claire after seeing a highland ghost looking up at her window about whether she might have had an affair during the war years, which she takes badly.

Claire and Frank visit Craigh na Dunn, a circle of standing stones to see the dance of a sun feast. Before she leaves, she becomes interested in a blue flower by the base of one of the stones. She returns for the flower and accidentally falls through the cleft stone, going back in time to 1743.

My thoughts: I must admit, these first couple of chapters have always been a little bit tricky for me to read, and they don’t entice me into the story. That said, there is an awful lot of important information here, relevant for later story lines and books in the series, but is just impossible to pick up on on a first read. A fairly safe example to give (in regards to spoilers if you’ve seen the TV series) are the mentions of Black Jack Randall, and his “dashing” nickname, which is clearly relevant later.

Also I’d forgotten how much I disliked Frank. Tobias Menzies brings him to life and makes him human, but the book version of Frank I find a bit boring and very selfish, though I know people won’t agree with me on this one.

Next weeks chapters are 3-4, called “The man in the wood” and “I come to the castle.”

“You’re one of those who can love again if your first love’s lost.” Mrs Graham to Claire, Outlander Ch. 2
“Why, the lines of your palm show what ye are, dear. That’s why they change- or should. They don’t, in some people. Those unlucky enough never to change in themselves, but there are few like that.” Outlander, Chapter 2.
“Mrs Randall, this is my son, Roger.” Rev. Wakefield, Outlander, Ch2.
“The English in general, and the army in particular, were rather notably unpopular throughout the Highlands.” Frank, Outlander, Ch2
“True. Men tend to be very “colourful” when you’re picking shrapnel out of them.” Claire, Outlander. Diana Gabaldon.

Anonymous said: I have just bought all outlandish books except the fiery cross and echo in the bone because of book reviews and I see they are on the bottom of your favorites list too. Why are those two YOUR least favorites in the series? What makes them not so great?

Echo is the one I have a problem with, and without spoilers it’s hard to say why. I don’t like who the story lines focus on as I find one or two of the characters boring. One scene in particular seems to go on forever…

The Fiery Cross (for me) only seems to be a challenge because of it’s length. My UK copy is 1700 pages long. Also the first day in the novel is about 300 pages which bothers some people (but not me!) I don’t dislike FC at all, it’s just there are other books in the series I like more. Echo is my issue.

That said, I would highly recommend reading them all, and reading them in order.

“I hadn’t the heart to tell her that the waywardness of my light brown curls was strictly the fault of nature.” Outlander Ch1. Diana Gabaldon
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